5 Years!

Can you believe it’s been 5 years since Borrow it Bindaas was born? As we continue to upgrade our stock based on how fashion evolves, we can’t help but notice how far we’ve come. Over the years we’ve been touched by so many heartwarming love stories and been a part of so many phenomenal weddings and we can’t wait to be part of more.


Colorful, lavish clothes are such a vital factor to any Indian occasion that if we can help the bride, the bride’s family, or especially the guests to feel like a part of the experience and our rich culture, it makes us proud of our heritage. We are so thrilled and grateful for the ability to touch your lives even for just one event.

We are able to provide the most fashionable Indian clothing for significantly less than your local Indian store, and in as little time as a week, clean and hassle free. No need to go all the way overseas for the best; we do it for you, custom tailored fit and nationwide! And if you have any trouble at all choosing the right looks, we will provide you with a personal stylist because you are our number one priority.

We want to hear YOUR feedback (and we offer 20% off for it!) and make our process as smooth-sailing as possible to make your experience the best it can be. Thank you for all the support and stay tuned for new arrivals! 😉


Celebrity Spotlight: Karishma Kapoor


Karishma Kapoor is always known for her great fashion sense. She always remains the public eye as she makes the most classic style statements. She is often seen in pants and a formal top or sheath dresses in a very conservative length. Even when she sports sequins it is very subtle, never opting flashy styles.


One must have item in her wardrobe is a lovely black dress. She loves all her black dresses, she considers them as her little treasures that she has collected over the years, and be it daywear or eveningwear.


Karishma is definitely not brand conscious. She loves doing high street shopping whether it’s for clothes or even flip-flops.


Her favorite International designers include Chanel, Armani, YSL, Prada since these brands are timeless. Her favorite Indian designer is Manish Malhota!


Karishma is not at all an accessory person. You will barely ever see her with much jewellery on unless it’s for her movies or events. She sure does loves bags from Christian Dior & Louis Vuitton.


Karishma prefers to wear the basic colors black, white, grey, or navy blue. Even when she doesn’t wear those colors, her outfit always has to have a black or white element in it.


She believes both her grandparents and her mother are her style mentors. Her love for the color white is from her grandparents. Her mother, Babita Kapoor loves black. She was very chick in the 60s’ and 70s. Karishma remembers as a child that her mother used to love wearing jeans so that kind of came down to her now.


More Looks Of Karishma We Love!

kk100 kk101 kk103 kk104 kk105 kk106 kk108 kk110 kk111

karishma-kapoor-in-Manish-Malhotra-bridal-collection karisma_kapoor1_600x450

Written exclusively for “Borrow It Bindaas” by Monika Rajwani

Photo Courtesy: India-Forums,  Vogue India, Masala, Verve Online, MissMalani, SantaBanta

Memoirs of A Bindaas Diva

This month we’d like to take the time to thank our Bindaas Diva, Farrah, who wrote us a quick message about her rental experience….


I first heard about Borrow It Bindaas through their Facebook Page. I was renting a saree for a reception I had to attend. I went ahead and decided to rent the Pink Checkered Print Saree . The blouse options were both great; the long-sleeved version was adjustable and I enjoyed the custom tailored fit. The customer service was great! All of my questions about fit and style were answered in detail; the staff was very helpful in offering suggestions. It was a great way to try a different sari style without having the expense of buying a new one. Thank you Borrow it Bindaas! 


Dressy Trendy At A BIG Fat Indian Wedding

Let’s assume you’re undoubted style diva at your weekend gallivants and now you want to maintain this rather pleasing title. Lets face it…we all look gorgeous in traditional Indian attire. But how do we stay on top of our trend game? Borrow It Bindaas brings you this season’s trendiest options to wear to an Indian wedding!

Dhoti Saree

dhoti saree

The majestic saree has undergone little change over course of time, until recently. Energizing the saree revival are a handful of young designers, among them Masaba Gupta, Shivan & Naresh, Gaurav Gupta, and Amit Aggarwal. They are reinterpreting the millennia-old garb for a new generation of stylish women. For the dhoti saree, simply replace with your petticoat with a dhoti and keep you pallu narrow.


sharara ghagra

Shararas and ghararas are making a dominating comeback and they rule the sangeet lengha world! The skirt with the long top silhouette really soars the popularity, and possibly because it’s such a flattering style on pretty much all body types!

Jacket Blouse

jacket saree

Throw on a jacket-style blouse over your saree. They key word here being “over.” You can play around with the lengths, either opting for a cropped look or a floor length jacket-cape. If you’re ever planning to wear a designer saree just give your humle blouse a second thought and jazz it up with this sensational look.

Lengha Saree

lengha sAREE

The perfect mix of modern and contemporary style. This type of saree is Indian fashion’s new “IT” thing. This is our personal favorite! It’s stylish, relatively simple, and hassle-free!

Written exclusively for ‘Borrow It Bindaas’ by Monika Rajwani

Photo Courtesy: Vogue India

Memoirs of A Bindaas Diva

This month we’d like to take the time to thank our Bindaas Diva, Janani, who wrote us a quick heart-warming email about her borrowing experience….


I rented two outfits for my Friends Wedding Weekend. I rented the Ides of March Suit for the Sangeet and the Apricot Monarch Saree for the reception. Both  were LOVELY and I received compliments on both!  I’ll definitely be borrowing again in the future! I mean, it makes so much sense to borrow instead of buy! The selection and quality is fabulous 🙂


Jewelry Pieces Every Girl Should Own

Jewelry has been worn to pull together a look and an outfit! Indeed, as stylish women we feel weird not wearing earrings. This is a feeling we understand, because of course we’ve all went back home to put on a pair! Indian inspired jewelry has its historical, cultural, and religious significance. From cocktail rings to statement necklaces, they can definitely take our outfits a notch higher. Borrow It Bindaas is listing pieces of jewelry you must have and if you already own them, how to style your outfits with them! 

Statement Necklace

statement necklace

An amazing necklace is a quick way to take our work outfit from day to night. Pair it with a little black dress or even jeans and a T-shirt, and it will make a major impact on your outfit. It’s also a great piece to travel with. You can bring one great piece that will do everything for you. BIB Tip: Take out your mom’s old kundan jewelry and pair with a black or white sheath dress, this east meets west pairings will ensure you turn heads.

Maang Tikka

maang tikka

Brides traditionally wear the maang tikka; however now it’s become extremely cool to wear it! Chanel even sent out their version during their pre-fall 2012 collection. Not that we needed Karl Lagerfeld to tell us that. BIB Tip: For a dose of Indi-chic, pair a crop top with skinny jeans and rock a maang tikka.

Cocktail Ring

cocktai ring

Having a pop of color in your outfit is a great thing, and a big cocktail ring is such an easy way to do it. It doesn’t even have to match! Bring a completely new color into your outfit with a ring.  BIB Tip: Opt for a blinged out one to wear with a saree.



Now this is a comeback tradition that we’ve been seeing everywhere! Sonam Kapoor wore it at the Cannes and The Lakme Fashion Week 2013 we saw it in excess. The naath has metamorphosed into an accessory that adds an element of grand-chic! BIB tip: Since Nath is an evolution I itself, be spontaneous and just walk out of the door wearing it! 

Statement Earrings

Hoops are a timeless, modern, agless essential, and can be worn with sarees! Ear cuffs too are having a moment, but nothing works better with Indian wear than a pair of jhumkas! BIB TIP: If you’re on a budget, consider getting a pair with peal detailing….it’ll look beautiful!


This should be something substantial. Some women are afraid to wear cuffs because they feel they’re too heavy or clunky. BIB TIP: If you’re not a fan of them, try a delicate bangle set so you can get the same effect.

And now a couple of final notes! In jewelry you can match everything or match nothing. A trend that is very current to mix and match various colors of gold.  Just be careful not to overdo it, do not wear too many statement pieces on top of each other: a cuff bracelet or a cocktail ring, not both together.

Try Out Some Jewelry Pieces From WWW.BIBFASHIONS.COM

omkari_jhumka_earrings randeryimagery-2380 the_queen_s_necklace necklace_set_1_1 randeryimagery-2695_1_

Written exclusively for ‘Borrow It Bindaas’ by Monika Rajwani

Photo Courtesy: Vogue India, High Heel Confidential

Memoirs of A Bindaas Diva

This month we’d like to take the time to thank our Bindaas Diva Helen, who wrote us a sweet message about her Borrow It Bindaas experience….


I decided to rent an Indian Garment for my friend’s Sangeet. I looked up Indian Fashion Rentals and browsed through to find Borrow it Bindaas! My favorite feature of Borrow it Bindaas was the convenience of being able to see the style on the model and to see how one should drape the item especially for someone who has never draped or worn anything like this before. People loved my chaniya choli and I am glad I was able to wear a piece of the culture and be a part of the festivities even more.  As soon as the weekend was over I placed my items in the pre-paid return envelope and gave it to the hotel to drop off the package. It was so simple I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Overall I was very pleased.  The clothing looked even better than I thought it would. The pink satin  pouch with pins/accessories was a nice touch! Thank you Borrow It Bindaas! 

Hairstyles Everyone Should Try At Least Once

Most of us, once we find our look, tend to stick with it. We all know how important hair is to a woman’s self-esteem. But if you’re committing to a lifelong look without test-driving all your options, you might be missing out on a potentially amazing makeover opportunity. We at Borrow At Bindaas dare you to add these classic ‘dos to your hairstyle bucket list.

The High Ponytail

There’s something incredibly stunning about this hairstyle. It’s not boring and definitely not just for cheerleaders and schoolgirls. In any event, you will always see at least one star rocking this hairdo. It’s chic and sexy to the max.

As Long As It Gets


How far can you grow? You’ll never know until you try letting your hair grow long. There’s tons of helpful advice for making that happen, but if all else fails, hair extensions are an excellent non-commitment option. Lengthy locks may provoke an overwhelming feeling of bombshell-ness 😉



The prospect of cutting bangs has struck fear in the hearts of many makeover-phobes, but we’re here to tell you that it’s less of a commitment that you might think. Not only are there myriad shapes to try – from blunt to side-swept to barely there wisps-but bangs can be swept to the side or pinned off the face if you find them truly unflattering. But you may just fall in love with your new fringe- try it and see!

The High Chignon


Audrey Hepburn is our official classic style icon. I’m sure many of yours too. Women everywhere, even today, are trying to imitate her famous elegant chignon. It looks so perfect and poised, we can’t even being to tell you how much I love it. Tiara optional!

The “Veronica Lake” Do


Hollywood glamour and this vintage hairdo is our other favorite. Its classy, sophisticated and even creates a sense of mystery (since the hair covers one eye). Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba have looked stunning in this hairstyle. Don’t forget to team it up with that bright shade of lipstick.

Which of these hairstyles have you tried? Is there any look you’d never (ever?) attempt again?

Written exclusively for ‘Borrow It Bindaas’ by Monika Rajwani

Photo Courtesy: DNA India, Style Craze, Miss Malani

Festive Season Fashion Tips from Borrow it Bindaas!

Get Ready for the festive season with some Fashion Tips from Borrow It Bindaas!

Memoirs of a Bindaas Diva

This month we’d like to take the time to thank our Bindaas Diva Parveen, who wrote to us about her Summer Long Borrow It Bindaas experience….


I heard about Borrow it Bindaas a few years ago when doing a Fashion Show and seeing them as a vendor at the show. Indian clothes is always of interest so when I noticed their beautiful collection I was instantly interested in knowing more. 


There are many things I like about the Borrow it Bindaas team a few are: wide selection of items, convenient return process, and I LOVE the customer service!!This summer I was constantly attending weddings so I decided to Borrow It Bindaas all summer Long! I wore them to a wedding, a reception and haldi night. I received compliments left and right for all my outfits. They were truly one of a kind.


I’m so happy I came across BorrowItBindaas! I’ve saved lots of money and time by simply looking at their online collection. It’s been so convenient that now, I pick an outfit online, they have my measurements so when I receive it, it’s good to go! -Altered and everything. I love it! The team is soo easy to work with and the prices are beyond reasonable. I recommend them to everyone! I Look forward to placing an order soon 🙂