Here at Borrow it Bindaas we know what it’s like to spend the night before a big event shuffling through your closet, searching for a suitable outfit that flatters you and makes you feel like a star, but alas, you realize that you’ve worn it all before! Your friends and family have already seen your slowly budding, saree collection. And so you end up trading outfits with a circle of saree swappers; your sisters, cousins, aunts, and let’s not forget your mother.

For us, our mother’s saree collection was a thing of great inspiration, boasting wildly colorful patterns, elegant crystal encrusted silk, and regal golden brocades that were timeless. While we relished the chance to wear these sarees, we yearned to create collections of our own. Yet here we ran into another problem, the cost of Indian garments is high (especially for top designer picks) and here in the states there’s a tendency to be behind in the latest trends that are popping up in Bollywood. And who wants to wear their great aunt’s worn out last season saree when they can have something better? 

This is how we came up with the idea of creating an online boutique that a girl can only dream of-starting a business on the foundations of our entrepreneurial spirit and fanaticism for fashion, movies, and Indian culture in general. We combined that, with a genuine desire to give customers a hassle-free experience, covering everything from the return envelope to dry cleaning. 

Sarees are flattering on every figure, easy to wear, and effortlessly feminine and couture. At Borrow It Bindaas, we know that “Girl may meet Saree” and the two may become inseparable, in which case all of our inventory is available for purchase, unlike other lending sites. After all, who are we to stand in the way of true love?

We pulled out all the stops, travelling to India and hand selecting a various range of versatile sarees that will fit any fashionista’s preferences. We also offer a plethora of breathtaking jewelry so that you can deck yourself out to your hearts desire and really personalize your look. We hope you enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together, and we wish to spread our enthusiasm to you!

With Love From Your Saree Enthusiasts,
Riddhi, Manshi, Siddhi
Co-Founders, Borrow It Bindaas
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