Top 6 Reasons why YOU should Borrow It Bindaas

1) You are a budget conscious fashionista! You love wearing the newest trends, but you’re not looking to drop a fortune on one ensemble.

2) You have a secret desire to let your inner Bollywood starlet shine! Bring it On, Kareena!

3) You like being prepared for your big fashion moment! Borrow It Bindaas allows you to book your saree and accessories up to 6 months in advance so you can be sure to have your top picks ready for your special event!

4) You like having options! At Borrow It Bindaas you can choose from a large variety of sarees and accessories from the comfort of your own home without having to run to stores in a panic at the last minute!

5) You never have to fear being separated from an item you love, you have the option to BORROW or BUY  100% of our merchandise!

6) You realize that trends are always changing, and whats “in” one day may be “out” the next. Instead of letting last season sarees gather dust, you’d rather borrow the hottest looks and always be on top of your game!