This Memoir was submitted to our team by one of our Bindaas members Vrunda…

When my best friend asked me to be her maid of honor, I was excited and anxious at the same time. Excited because I felt honored–we’ve known each other for practically forever and it was thrilling to be asked to be such an integral part of her wedding. But at the same time, I was slightly nervous. What does one wear on the most important, life-changing day of their best friend’s life? Luckily I had heard about Borrow it Bindaas from a friend of mine.

My favorite thing about the site, besides it being so easy to use, was the jewelry matching feature. I don’t have a huge accessory collection, so being able to wear pieces that fit with my saree perfectly, and to have them laid out for me, made me feel like a real diva. Browsing the site in itself was a blast, because the collection of sarees was so exquisite and dazzling I couldn’t make up my mind! Finally I found the perfect saree, designed by Archana Kochhar called Knock ‘Em Dead, which was exactly what I intended to do.
I was also asked to MC for the wedding, so I knew all eyes would be on me. I have a pretty loud personality, so I wanted to wear a saree that could show off my wild side! When I entered the reception hall, I didn’t have to do any of the talking because the saree was getting all the attention for me! My family and friends were full of compliments, telling me that they were in awe of the beautiful vibrant colors, design, and quality of the saree, not to mention how good I looked wearing it.  I truly felt like a stylish Bollywood queen! And it didn’t hurt that I got a few head turns from the cuties on the groom’s side. 😉
The return process was super easy–as simple as sealing an envelope and sending my fairytale saree back from where it came. Being a recent graduate, I’m on a tight budget, and I’m so thankful to Borrow it Bindaas for helping me look and feel fabulous without going broke. I even got phone calls the next day from people asking me where they could get a saree like mine. I had a great time because I felt confident that I looked stunning the whole night. I can’t wait to Borrow it Bindaas again at my next friend’s wedding!