This Memoir was submitted to our team by one of our Bindaas members Jeni…

I recently had a wedding reception to attend in Malibu, CA. The reception was right around the corner and I wanted to wear something completely new and stand out amongst the sea of saree-clad weddings guests. I quickly searched online for where I can find an outfit that’s affordable, trendy and quick to get in time for the reception. That’s when I discovered Borrow It Bindaas.

At first, I have to admit I was slightly hesitant about the concept of borrowing clothes, but once I browsed through the inventory and saw how reasonably priced and unique it was, I knew I wanted to borrow right away! The website was very straightforward and easy to use. I have to say, my favorite part of the experience was knowing that the site was a one stop shop for me. I was able to get my entire ensemble from one place: a blouse, petticoat, an additional second blouse as a backup, and jewelry!

I decided to borrow the Fearless in Green and Magenta Saree, and completed my look with the recommended Flower Passion in Red jewelry set. I received my order in time for my event and was excited to see that the Borrow It Bindaas team gave me everything to ensure I would be Saree Ready for my event from a custom saree pouch , to the bindaas kit with all of the essentials- safety pins, bindis, bobby pins, a free gift and to top it off they even gave me draping instructions!

At the reception, many people complimented my look, and they loved how my saree matched the latest trends seen in the Bollywood scene. In fact many people thought my Saree was similar to the designs of one of India’s top designers Sabyasachi, which was a huge compliment! Most of them assumed that I paid an arm and leg for my ensemble, but I was quick to correct them and tell them about my Borrow it Bindaas experience and how seamless the borrowing process was. I felt like a Bollywood starlet wearing the latest fashions and it felt even better knowing that I scored such an amazing deal!

My overall experience was great and now I know I can rely on Borrow It Bindaas to help dress me in the latest trends for my future events, without having to spend a fortune!