Hi there Bindaas Divas! Hope you all are doing fabulous! Well, as you all know the hottest new trend to hit the runway this Summer in Bollywood AND Hollywood is color blocking. For those of you fashionistas who seem to wonder what color blocking really is, let us give you some insight. Its simple! Color blocking is combining several complimentary solid colors to create one functional outfit or piece of clothing. The key is to make sure that the colors are complimentary! One of our new favorite fashions designers in B.wood is Masaba. Her fashions have been worn by the hottest new actresses making a rise in both Bollywood and the fashion scene. So ladies, if you find yourself curious to try out this latest trend, try it in our Summer Sorbet Saree or even our Modern with a Traditional Twist Saree. Feeling adventurous? Then try out our Kaleidoscope Prima Donna Saree! With these sarees you will be sure to pull of this trend without a hitch!

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