This week we have for your our Cobalt and White Razzledazzle Saree similar to the Sabyasachi saree worn by Anushka Sharma at the IIFA Awards in Toronto. At a glance this saree seems simple, but there’s more than meets the eye upon close observation. The sweeping white angelic netted skirt trails frivolously behind with bulbs of ornate bullion clinging to it’s corners, bands of gold kernels and cobalt stripes demanding attention. The cotton blouse has a happy undulatory pattern in varying shades of blue, drawing the look together in fanciful ivory and cobalt. We bring you this saree from Kolkata, a city known for it’s intricate embroidery as we promise to always provide you with wide variety of choices from all over India. Borrow this saree for only $65.00 for your next event! 


You Saree Enthusiasts