This Memoir was submitted to our team by one of our Bindaas members Vishakha

By the time my friend’s wedding rolled around, I had begun to dread the many social events that were filling up my calendar. Not because I was overwhelmed by the prospect of a party, but because I was out of new sarees to wear!  My fashion repertoire consisted of a handful of sarees and anarkalis I had gathered while visiting family in India several months back. Many of the sarees in my closet had passed through the hands of family members; aunts, sisters, cousins. While pretty in their own way, these outfits were already “played out” in my social circle. I couldn’t show up the big day wearing a repeat offender outfit. I wanted to wow on my friends big day, but my funds were not going to permit a big purchase.

Good news travels fast, and luckily a girlfriend of mine had used Borrow it Bindaas for another friends wedding. She told me all about the service and I was very interested. I got to wear a Midsummer Dream Saree, which is a gorgeous blue and sea green ombre shade, very chic and modern. I got loads of compliments from everyone at the wedding, including my friend who was very proud and congratulated me on my fabulous find. Everything about the night went well.

My saree fit perfectly, I managed not to trip and fall during the ceremony, and I felt like a million bucks while spending under $100.

I’m so glad I checked into it! I love how Borrow it Bindaas makes everything so easy. Along with the saree, they send you everything you will need to put the outfit together, from step by step draping instructions to safety pins, and even a free tikka to match! The borrowing and return process could not have been more simple! All you have to do is stick the saree in an envelope and take it to a UPS drop it off! I’m happy to spread the word, and I’m thankful that Borrow it Bindaas is here to help girls just like me look and feel their best without all the hassle or pressure.