Memoirs of a Bindaas Diva
Submitted to our team by one of our Bindaas members Janet Lee

I was stoked when my college roommate invited me to her wedding. She had always been the stylish type, so I really wanted to impress her with what I wore to her big bash. The reception was set to be at a glamorous hotel, complete with an outside courtyard. I immediately began thinking about the cocktail dresses I would be shopping for. Then my roomie told me she wanted her guests to be wearing sarees, and I was at a loss. I only vaguely knew what a saree was, let alone how to wear one.
So the google search began, and I happened upon Borrow it Bindaas. The website was really easy to use, and I found myself getting carried away just browsing their inventory. I knew I wanted two different outfits, one for the ceremony and reception, and their suggestive searches really helped with that. My favorite feature was the fact that they offer two blouses, because I was very nervous about the fit. I selected the dates I wanted it to arrive and rested easy.

When the sarees came to my doorstep I wanted to put them on right away! The fabric was so luxurious, and sparkly to say the least. And the colors were amazing! The day of the wedding I fit right in. The saree fit perfectly, and everyone told me how wonderful I looked. When you feel beautiful it really helps you enjoy yourself, and I had a glow the entire evening that everybody noticed.
I was very happy with my experience with Borrow it Bindaas, because it really could not have been easier to use. The products were great and fun to browse through, and the return process is foolproof. Thank you for making my wedding attendace a success!