My Bindaas Resolution

It’s resolution time and you’ve probably been considering what goal to set for yourself this coming year. Between the soul searching and figuring out what to wear at your New Year’s Bash you’ve possibly been a bit overwhelmed. Let the Bindaas team break it down for you…

Save More: One very popular resolution is storing away some extra dough for rainy days–save more spend less is the general idea. We’re here to make it easy. Instead of spending loads on designer wear, why not borrow and keep some money in your pocket? That way you’ll still be looking fly but sticking to your guns all year round.

Explore the Fashion World: Want to expand your horizons a bit? Try something you’ve never tried, a color you’ve never been bold enough to wear or a cut you thought you’d never flaunt. Studies show that taking chances leads us to feel more accomplished in our day to day!  Borrowing gives you the freedom to try new things without committing to full retail price.

Make Your Own Waves: Sure it’s fun to scope out the latest trends, but try not to loose your personal touch. Go for what stands out to you, not what you think everybody else will like.

Embrace 2012 with a renewed sense of self and a positive outlook. What ever your resolution may be, our closet is your closet, and the Bindaas team is here to help you look and feel amazing.

Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for all your continued support. We look forward to making 2012 Bigger and Better for all of you.  


~Borrow it Bindaas Team~