Paint the town ‘Red’

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, one can feel L-O-V-E in the air, on the street, in the garden, at the flower shop and definitely in the clothes. You are particularly reminded of this expression when you see the color of love ‘Red’. 

If the red color stands for Love in the West, it has a much deeper meaning in Indian culture. Every auspicious event begins with this color – red vermillion is used to start a prayer, it is used in form of ‘Tilak’ to welcome the guest and even mark the beginning of matrimony in form of ‘Sindoor’. 

An Indian Bride often opts for shades of red when it comes to choosing her Bridal wear. She adorns herself in shades of scarlet with bangles, bindi, henna and flowers on her wedding day since this is supposed to be lucky for the bride. 

This season you can incorporate red color in your look by adding classic ruby earrings, a crystal clutch in hues of red or a crimson dupatta over pastel shades. Golden color gives a touch of royalty when combined with red color in any outfit like detail work, jewelry or accessories. To add a pop of color to any outfit try wearing a red open toe pumps or a shiny red clutch since these look best when combined with dark shades like black and navy blue. 

This month ‘Borrow it Bindaas’ celebrates the occasion of ‘Love’ with these Indian styles in the shades of Red.  So go ahead, gift yourself or your loved one with these gifts in color of Love.

Exclusive Collection-Duchess Chandelier Earrings –Garnet

Exclusive Collection-Filmfare Saree

The Foxtrot Clutch – Cherry

Exclusive Collection-Eyelet of the Storm Saree

Summer Strawberry Blouse

Manish Malhotra-Seductive and Sultry

By Puneet Suri of for Borrow it Bindaas