This month we’d like to take the time to thank our Bindaas Diva,  Almae, who wrote us a heart-warming email about her borrowing experience….

Almae (center) wearing the Winter Solstice Saree

Dear Borrow It Bindaas,

You guys are total pros at this. You’ve got being chic and affordable down to a science. The labeled envelopes you included with my order made it super easy to get everything returned. What a great feature of your business! And the little Bindaas kit with everything I needed was toooo cute. Nice touch!

I feel like I should have had Borrow it Bindaas business cards with me because everyone kept asking about the sarees I wore all three nights of my event. It could have been because I’m Filipino and most wouldn’t expect me to be wearing a saree! I borrowed Winter Solstice, Chic in Pink, and the Indian Goddess Saree, which were all spectacularly gorgeous in their own ways. They caught my eye right away on the site. A lot of people were surprised to hear that there was such a thing as renting sarees. I remember when I first heard your segment on NPR and you had mentioned how some of the older people might not be as excited about the idea because they might still prefer to own sarees as per their tradition. But there was still a good amount of “aunties” that were super interested about the concept and kept asking about it. Where did you say you got that saree? Are they easy to rent? Whats the website?  So that’s definitely good news for you guys!

Anyway, thanks again. It was a great experience borrowing from your “closet”. I’m very happy with the service, especially how accommodating you were with my measurements. 🙂

I wish you the very best!

P.S. I just found out I got my visa for India! Going there next week for the same friend’s wedding. Man, Indians do it big with weddings!! Will be borrowing again soon!