We’d like to give a big thanks to Shawna, founder of Maharani Weddings, who took the time out of her busy schedule to share with us her Borrow it Bindaas experience…

I was totally blown away by my Borrow It Bindaas experience.  From the beautiful packaging that my saree arrived in to my perfectly fitted blouse, buying with Borrow It Bindaas was flawless from start to finish!

My brother’s engagement party was scheduled a few months ago, and I was in quite a predicament.  With nothing “new” for the occasion to wear, I hopelessly shopped around LA and the Bay Area for something stylish, unique, and me. I was looking for something formal and classy, but nothing conventional.

I heard about Borrow it Bindaas because they are part of the Maharaniweddings.com family! So, I was instantly delighted when I stumbled upon the Heavenly Skies Saree from Borrow It Bindaas.  And, I was even more ecstatic when I received my saree and it was even prettier than I imagined! Oh, and one glimpse of the shimmer petticoat and it was love at first sight!

Once at the event people were asking about my saree nonstop. It was the perfect blend of trendy and chic.  I can’t wait to wear it again!

I found the entire process to be seamless, straightforward, and easy.  Buying from Borrow It Bindaas is definitely a “repeater” in my book.