We’d like to give a big thanks to Sarika, producer and host of Sony Entertainment’s TV Show Andaaz, who took the time out to share with us her Borrow it Bindaas experience…

I had a wedding reception coming up in San Francisco and from the sound of it, Borrow it Bindaas seemed like a great way to look chic without dropping a fortune. The selection was huge and fun to browse. They have so many different variations on the saree that there was something for everyone and every occasion. I had high hopes for the designer saree I chose, which was the gorgeous seafoam stone studded Crystal Zephyr Lengha Style Saree. It had the perfect combination of feminine flair paired with a darling color and just enough formality.

I loved the service. The Borrow it Bindaas team were all very gracious. My perfect designer saree came in nice packaging with bindis and a tikka. I had the option of two blouses and my saree was a complete hit at the reception. I could scarcely walk the room without getting a compliment from someone or other. It was such a relief to not have to worry about what to wear. With my hectic travel schedule I was able to quickly select a designer saree, have it delivered, wear it and send it back without any hassle. Very professional and the experience was fabulous!  I would do it for every occasion. Brilliant Idea! A new designer saree, lengha, or salwar every time I dress up!