Memoirs of a Bindaas Diva 

Submitted to Our Team By One of Our Bindaas Members Claudia

Time is something I have very little of these days, and I want to thank Borrow it Bindaas for being so accommodating in spite of short notice. I heard about this company only two nights before the wedding! My good friends, the bride and groom, were throwing this extravagant event that I was very excited to attend. But when planning what to wear I simply did not know where to turn. I kept debating between different outfit styles. Luckily, my good friends Amber and April (the bride) knew just where to send me for some fashion support.

I browsed the Borrow it Bindaas website and saw a lot of exquisite looking sarees. More than a few caught my eye but I was hesitant to get attached. I didn’t know whether or not they would be able to send me a saree on such short notice. I shot them an email late Thursday night and was actually able to have a dress by 4pm the following day! I even got the one I was gunning for, the Magenta Stunner Saree!

I was floored by the quick response, the friendly customer service, and quality of the product they let me display for a day. Everyone loved my saree, especially my boyfriend.  The color and detail on it was beautiful. Even people at the bar after the wedding was over were complimenting me on my saree.

If I could sum up how my borrowing experience made me feel, I’d say HAPPY! I’m so glad I went with a saree from BIB for my friend’s wedding, and that I got to dress the part and enjoy this wonderful day with them. Thank you BIB team, for making this day that much more memorable.