Tips for Dressing for an Engagement

Getting married is a big event in India in every individual’s life and is celebrated like a festival with loads of color and joy. In the west the engagement ceremony is kept simple or private and in India the formal ceremony where the bride & the groom exchange rings in front of all the family members. It is a grand celebration and dressing up is a part of the event.

Grand jewelry and sarees passed down from generations are worn on this special occasion. ‘Borrow it Bindaas’ shares few tips on how can you dress up and look beautiful whether you are the bride or the friend of a bride.

Think ‘Light’ for color

Engagement ceremonies call for lighter shades of any bright color since the darker hues are better left for the Wedding day. The best part about dressing up for engagement, is that you can wear colors which you would usually avoid for the D-Day like white, blue, light pinks, yellow, green, purple and many more.

Go less on detail work

Avoid outfits with heavy detail work instead opt of a saree or lehenga with embroidery on the hemlines. A blouse with heavy detail work combined with a simple saree also works well.  Accessorize with traditional Indian jewelry like a choker necklace, bangles or kadha to complete the look.

‘Anarkalis’ fit the bill perfectly 

An Anarkali lehenga or churidhar are a favourite in India during wedding seasons. The voluminous silhouette in an Anarkali  look grand for the occasion and are Indian equivalent of a gown. So flaunt your look this wedding season in a beautiful Anarkali which are perfect for engagements. 

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