Memoirs of a Bindaas Diva

Submitted to our team by one of our Bindaas Members Molly…

This was the first Hindu wedding ceremony I’ve ever been a part of. The bride is my oldest childhood friend, and from the moment she mentioned wearing a saree to the wedding, I knew I wanted to find the most fabulous one imaginable (other than hers, of course). The bride-to-be sent an email with a few suggestions on how her bridesmaids could get a saree (and accessories) for the wedding, one of which was a link to Borrow It Bindaas. I found a saree I knew I would love in no time at all.

When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find the pink accessory bag filled with safety pins, bobby pins, bindis and a tikka. They were little extras that I hadn’t expected, and that offered a nice touch.

On the wedding day, all of the bridesmaids’ sarees were different colors, so we passed around the bindis Borrow it Bindaas sent me. But that’s not all:

The bride’s tikka went missing the day of the wedding!

As the hairdresser was putting the finishing touches on the bride, she asked for the tikka. In all the wedding day shuffle, the original one had unfortunately been misplaced. Without missing a beat, I grabbed the tikka from my Borrow It Bindaas accessory pouch and offered it to the bride (and the hairdresser).  Needless to say, the backup tikka saved the day. I was so glad I had one around to give to my dear friend.

I received several compliments on the saree throughout the night, and told them all about Borrow It Bindaas. I ordered the “Arctic Wind Saree” and it was every bit as beautiful as I thought it would be. Most of all, I felt glamorous and unique – like I was on the set of a Bollywood movie. In fact, the other bridesmaids nicknamed me “Mollywood.”

The return process was VERY easy. The pre-addressed, pre-paid postage bag fit all of my contents. I dropped it off the very next morning at the UPS store in a matter of minutes without any issues.

Wearing and even experiencing a saree was a once-in-a-lifetime event for me. It is a gorgeous, glamorous piece of cloth that made me feel majestic, feminine, powerful, graceful and beautiful all rolled into one. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to wear one again, and to order from only Borrow It Bindaas!