Picking the right cut can make all the differences; cropped trousers add height, skinnies boost curves, tailored pants give structure and wide legs maximize comfort. This season, things get bolder! The trouser willingly allows doodles and extreme artwork to take over, and then proceeds to become the focuses of every ensemble. Borrow it Bindaas explores the complex dealings of the printed pants this week!

Body Suit!

Before daring to incorporate this new trend into your wardrobe be sure to find a pair that suits your body type. You need to make the best of your shape with tricks form your trade!


The sharara trousers worn with heels gives you a column shape. If you have a flat stomach, wear the pants with a sequined bra or tight choli, layered with something sheer.



Pick pieces that are cut on the bias – you’ll lose two inches off your hips. If you are conscious of this area, opt for a classic tunic on top – the length should be mid-thigh or shorter, definitely not longer!



You can go for bold, colorful, print cut wide-leg or in a slim cigarette style. High and low waist pants would definitely work!



Wear more relaxed shapes to give off a carefree easy vibes. Prints should be on a smaller scale.


Traditional Trousers:

Stock up on cozy churidars and roomy dhotis because they are perfect to lounge around in!


Basics Are Back!

Have fun and play up with prints with a T-shirt and blazer, it’ll give you a nice silhouette. You can also pair fitted bottoms and a slightly more over-sized top, or perhaps peplum. A pattern pant with a knit sweater or a simple blouse can also do the wonders.


Photo Courtesy: FashionCentral, Pinkvilla, High Heel Confidential

Exclusively written for ‘Borrow It Bindaas’ by Monika Rajwani