We’d like to thank Bindaas Diva Amrita for sharing her Borrow it Bindaas experience with our readers…


It all started with a slew of wedding invitations for this year and before I knew it I had about 3 weddings to go to all in the same month! I was stumped for a moment on what to wear since the crowd would probably be the same at all three weddings+with Facebook and Instagram who wants to repeat anything! I also knew I was in charge of planning and dancing at her reception to I wanted something easy to wear and frankly I was tired of wearing sarees and thats all I had in my closet! I knew I wanted to wear a lehenga or a fancy anarkali. So one day while browsing through Facebook I saw that Borrow it Bindaas offers private appointments if you’re located in the SoCal area. I thought this is great, I’ll have a chance to see the clothing first hand! I contacted them right away and before I knew it I was in their private showroom at my appointment! The team styled me from head to toe. It was so much fun to have all this personal attention!


I ended up finding a lehenga too which fit perfectly! And I rented a matching set and a clutch since I was still on budget! The lehenga was such as great alternative to the saree, not to mention how unique it looked in a sea of saree wearing gals!  I rented the Dark Side Lehenga, Shower of Petals Necklace Set, and Merengue Clutch. After my event the best part of renting was that I didn’t have to worry about dry cleaning or trying to fit it somewhere in my closet!


Thank you again to the BIB team for making the experience as easy as possible! Can’t wait to rent from head to toe for my next event! 

*For more information on private appointments contact help@borrowitbindaas.com

*Shop the Lehenga Collection: http://borrowitbindaas.com/apparels/lenghas