Wedding Series: All About the Groom+Groomsmen


Ask any groom or their groomsmen if they’ve ever worn their sherwani/kurta from their wedding or their friends wedding chance are you’ll either hear no or maybe once in the last few years. Most men are never too concerned with their kurta/sherwani and most the time aren’t even the ones choosing it… so why spend so much for something that will be sitting in the back of their closet? 

Borrow It Bindaas has the perfect solution! Ladies get your groom and his groomsmen to rent their Sherwani/Kurta from us. Sherwanis/Kurtas are not cheap- They can run to up to $600! Save yourself all the time, money and especially the hassle! 

Let Borrow It Bindaas take away your stress and help dress you and your guests! Take a Peek into our Bindaas couple Yazmin & Patrick who came to Borrow It Bindaas prior to their wedding and we took care of the rest. Their guests rented from Borrow it Bindaas! Borrow It Bindaas was delighted to have all of Patrick’s groomsmen and friends rent kurta pajamas and sherwanis.


“I contact Borrow it Bindaas when guest’s and Patrick’s groomsmen started telling us they also wanted to wear Indian clothes! I was in communication with the Borrow it Bindaas team a month or two prior to my wedding where they helped us with sizing and styling our guests. They had a groomsen collection of 8 kurta pajamas and the rest of patricks friends rented sherwanis and other kurtas from the Borrow it Bindaas Mens Collection. They made the whole process hassle free and all of Patricks friends got to wear kurtas/sherwanis!” -Yazmin


Trust us, and save the trip & hassle of going to India or even the little India in a nearby city. Thinking of buying online? Most sites will take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive and either fit will be off or prices will be so expensive.  At Borrow It Bindaas all of our Inventory is in-house so you won’t have to wait 6-8 weeks! And like with every Borrow It Bindaas rental we do our best in helping you choose your size and custom tailor if needed! 

If you are getting married soon, or know someone who is check out our wedding services we offer Borrow it Bindaas Wedding Services. For more information, email us at

*Browse the BIB Mens Collection: Borrow it Bindaas Mens Collection