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MEET BORROW IT BINDAAS! A fabulous, unique, & affordable resource for the Bride, Groom & their family and friends!  Borrow it Bindaas is the Netflix of Indian Fashion and the first site of its kind, now celebrating 2 years!  Customer’s nationwide can RENT or BUY the latest fashions  keep the look for 5 or 10 days and we take care of the return shipping, just like Netflix! See how Borrow It Bindaas has brought dream weddings to life from the eyes of the Bride, Bridesmaids, Groom & Groomsmen!

ALL ABOUT THE: BRIDE: Ask any bride if they’ve ever worn their wedding or reception saree/lehenga again and the majority of brides will say: “No”. If a bride is not too concerned with having her saree/lehenga as a keepsake, then why spend thousands for an outfit? Take a Peek into our recent Beautiful Bride’s Rental Experience with Borrow It Bindaas:  


 “After hearing about Borrow It Bindaas from a few of my wedding vendors I contacted them right away. With weddings being so expensive these days I wanted to be as cost efficient as possible. Borrow it Bindaas definitely helped me with that. I scheduled a private appointment with their team and in no time picked out my wedding outfit. Yes, I rented my wedding outfit, why not?!  I felt beautiful and fabulous and it was as if the outfit was made just for me especially since it was custom tailored exactly to my fit. I felt like a princess on my big day and received compliments non-stop!”Mona V. Patel, Borrow It Bindaas Bride

ALL ABOUT BRIDESMAIDS: One of the challenges of being a bride is figuring out what your bridesmaids are going to wear. Finding identical outfits, tailored to each of your bridesmaids is quite a challenge. Borrow It Bindaas saves the bride some stress and takes care of creating a gorgeous coordinated wedding party with sarees and salwars that are available for Rental or Purchase. Take a Peek into our rent Bride Kavita’s Rental Experience of Bridesmaids Salwars:


“We went with a few beautiful churidar suits that were chic and modern. They matched the feel I was going for perfectly. Once we chose the outfits, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The Borrow It Bindaas Team worked with each of my bridesmaids to ensure they got a custom tailored fit and delivered to them well in advance of the big day. The feedback I got from the outfits was amazing! Continuous compliments about how unique the pieces were.” Kavita Coomar Patel

ALL ABOUT THE GROOM + GROOMSMEN: Ask any groom or their groomsmen if they’ve ever worn their sherwani/kurta from their wedding /friends wedding’s and chances are you’ll hear a: “No”! Why spend hundreds for something that will be sitting in the back of their closet? Save some space, money, and time by RENTING your Sherwani/Kurta! Take a Peek into our Bindaas couple Yazmin & Patrick’s Rental Experience! With a GROUP WEDDING DISCOUNT, their family, friends and Groomsmen ALL rented from Borrow It Bindaas: 


“I contact Borrow it Bindaas when guest’s and Patrick’s groomsmen started telling us they also wanted to wear Indian clothes! I was in communication with the Borrow it Bindaas team a month or two prior to my wedding where they helped us with sizing, a group discount, and styling our guests. They had a groomsmen collection of 8 kurta pajamas and the rest of Patrick’s friends rented sherwanis and other kurtas from the Borrow it Bindaas Mens Collection. They made the whole process hassle free and all of Patricks friends got to wear kurtas/sherwanis!” -Yazmin

CALLING ALL WEDDING VENDORS: If you are working with Brides & Grooms or know someone who is getting married soon; let them know about the BEST KEPT SECRET in the Indian Fashion Industry! If you would like fliers, business cards, e-fliers or more information on partnerships please contact:

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