corginal_5045581a-5d24-13e9-731e-000042099952You’ve seen her in casual jeans, formal gowns, and even traditional Indian wear. But have you ever wondered what she actually LOVED to wear? Borrow It Bindaas will give you the entire fashion scoop and Do’s on this edition of our Celebrity Spotlight feature on the Dabangg girl, Sonaskshi Sinha!


Sonakshi is a trained fashion designer, having studied fashion at the SNDT College in Mumbai. She also has designed for a movie called, Mera Dil Leke Deko in 2005.


Sonakshi Sinha’s preferred fashion statement is casual wear. She likes jeans and T-shirts the best. She loves to team them up with sling bags, and her Being Human watches. The only other watch she wears is the Rolex, which she bought with her own earnings!


As for footwear, flats it is for her and stilettos get a thumb down. She believes that comfort is a must!


Her favorite Indian designers are mainly young; such as Dev N Nil and Shantanu & Nikhil. She prefers wearing sarees than Indian suits.


Sonakshi looks best in conservative, feminine dresses, and is always opting for bright colors or whites. To dress like Sonakshi, invest in several white pieces for your wardrobe – a smart blouse, an excersie top, a little white dress. She is regularly photographed wearing colorful, fitted dresses made of clingy, stretchy material. Look for printed wrap dresses and dresses with flirty one-shoulder necklines. Try Cache or Diane von Furstenburg for Sonakshi-style clothes.

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Sonakshi is one of the few Indian actresses who wears a nose-ring on a regular basis. She has had her nose piereced at the age of sixteen and has worn a nose ornament right from her first film. She keeps on altering from nose ring to a stud. In her upcoming movie Lootera, she will be wearing a very traditional Bengali-lookng nose stud in the shape of a flower.


For her everyday makeup looks, Sonakshi uses Chanel’s Mat Lumiere foundation in Naturel, a black Revlon eye pencil, and varying lipsticks with a matching blush. Her basic makeup routine is; play with lipsticks and wear generous amounts of mascara…or false eyelashes! For fragrances, Sonakshi wear a Victoria Secret’s Pink body spray during the daytime and loves Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique for the evening.


Sonakshi has some of the longest hair in the film industry. Often she will wear her hair in a high tight bun or ponytail, slicking it away from her face. She will switch this look up sometimes teasing the hair in the front to create a “bump” to give her hair height. At other times her hair is fairly simple, some side bangs that she will wear on her face at times.


Sonakshi Sinha’s style icon is her Mother, Poonam Sinha. She believes that there is no one as beautiful and stylish as her mother!


We hope you can use makeup, hair styling, and fashion to look just like Bollywood’s diva, Sonakshi Sinha! Let us know what you think!


More Looks Of Sonakshi Sinha We Love!


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Bollywood actress  Sonakshi Sinha at Star Guild Awards 2013 Yash Raj Studios at Andheri in Mumbai  (Photo : IANS) sona5

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Written exclusively for ‘Borrow It Bindaas’ by Monika Rajwani

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