This month we’d like to take the time to thank our Bindaas Diva Donna, who wrote to us about her and her sister’s rental experience….

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I heard about your site from a co-worker that I work with which I have to say that I was thankful for. The best feature is that you made it so easy to return it back to your company and you had many choices to choice from. I used this for a wedding over in New Delhi,India. My sister and I were told that our sarees looked very nice and we fit right in with all the girls from India since we are not from India. We rented the raspberry rush saree and the arctic wind saree. The return process was awesome and very convenient.  Overall my experience with Borrow it Bindaas was excellent. The team that I spoke to were all wonderful and very helpful. You saved me money by not having to go out and buy a saree that I will never wear again. I would definitely recommend Borrow it Bindaas to any of my friends if they have a need to rent one. Your were a lifesaver and I appreciate your company! Thank you Borrow It Bindaas! 

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