Most of us, once we find our look, tend to stick with it. We all know how important hair is to a woman’s self-esteem. But if you’re committing to a lifelong look without test-driving all your options, you might be missing out on a potentially amazing makeover opportunity. We at Borrow At Bindaas dare you to add these classic ‘dos to your hairstyle bucket list.

The High Ponytail

There’s something incredibly stunning about this hairstyle. It’s not boring and definitely not just for cheerleaders and schoolgirls. In any event, you will always see at least one star rocking this hairdo. It’s chic and sexy to the max.

As Long As It Gets


How far can you grow? You’ll never know until you try letting your hair grow long. There’s tons of helpful advice for making that happen, but if all else fails, hair extensions are an excellent non-commitment option. Lengthy locks may provoke an overwhelming feeling of bombshell-ness 😉



The prospect of cutting bangs has struck fear in the hearts of many makeover-phobes, but we’re here to tell you that it’s less of a commitment that you might think. Not only are there myriad shapes to try – from blunt to side-swept to barely there wisps-but bangs can be swept to the side or pinned off the face if you find them truly unflattering. But you may just fall in love with your new fringe- try it and see!

The High Chignon


Audrey Hepburn is our official classic style icon. I’m sure many of yours too. Women everywhere, even today, are trying to imitate her famous elegant chignon. It looks so perfect and poised, we can’t even being to tell you how much I love it. Tiara optional!

The “Veronica Lake” Do


Hollywood glamour and this vintage hairdo is our other favorite. Its classy, sophisticated and even creates a sense of mystery (since the hair covers one eye). Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba have looked stunning in this hairstyle. Don’t forget to team it up with that bright shade of lipstick.

Which of these hairstyles have you tried? Is there any look you’d never (ever?) attempt again?

Written exclusively for ‘Borrow It Bindaas’ by Monika Rajwani

Photo Courtesy: DNA India, Style Craze, Miss Malani