Can you believe it’s been 5 years since Borrow it Bindaas was born? As we continue to upgrade our stock based on how fashion evolves, we can’t help but notice how far we’ve come. Over the years we’ve been touched by so many heartwarming love stories and been a part of so many phenomenal weddings and we can’t wait to be part of more.


Colorful, lavish clothes are such a vital factor to any Indian occasion that if we can help the bride, the bride’s family, or especially the guests to feel like a part of the experience and our rich culture, it makes us proud of our heritage. We are so thrilled and grateful for the ability to touch your lives even for just one event.

We are able to provide the most fashionable Indian clothing for significantly less than your local Indian store, and in as little time as a week, clean and hassle free. No need to go all the way overseas for the best; we do it for you, custom tailored fit and nationwide! And if you have any trouble at all choosing the right looks, we will provide you with a personal stylist because you are our number one priority.

We want to hear YOUR feedback (and we offer 20% off for it!) and make our process as smooth-sailing as possible to make your experience the best it can be. Thank you for all the support and stay tuned for new arrivals! 😉